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Approaching the Media, following up and securing Media placement for top TV, Radio and Print media outlets is what we do on behalf of our clients. We manage the communication between our clients and the media to secure Local, National and International Media coverage. Our clients receive Coverage Confirmation Letters, Detail-Result Media Tracking Reports and the best part is the published placements.

Developing targeted Media Lists derived from Target Market Research ensures all benefit from the Publicity campaigns. It would make no sense to get in front of an audience that doesn’t have any interest in what you’re publicizing, however, you do want to be center stage with those interested in your story, after all, acquiring new fans, followers, and supporters is a must for the end result…visibility, awareness, and exposure.. No Publicist or PR Firm can guarantee cash flow of your books. You hire PR to make efforts to bring maximum exposure to your brand. Serious hands-on Publicists get results from their hard-earned efforts. Yes, Publicist work hard (well, at least we do:). If you’re not getting results, than unfortunately your Publicist is not working to the best of his or her abilities. Why pay for effort, if you’re not getting any results?

Developing Media Kits in advance to prepare yourself for when the media bites back will secure bookings much quicker than being unprepared to respond. You’re probably asking yourself right now, “What is a Media Kit?” This may be the first time that you’re hearing about it. A Media Kit is not the same as a Press Kit, however very similar. The Media Kit entails so much more and is used at a specific time during your PR campaign.

Reaching out to the media (Reporters, Editors and Producers) using several methods, such as Personal Connections, Media Calls, Customized Pitches, Press Releases, Media Outreach Campaigns and Targeted Distribution Programs takes all of these avenues for consistent brand awareness. It’s very important to respond immediately to media inquires. You don’t want the media to move on to the next story due to lack of follow through. Publicist provide the media with accurate information, material, resources, details and facts to assist with producing your compelling story.

The media sends PR Firms topics of the types of stories they want to cover, therefore a PR Specialist will tailor your services or products to fit a particular topic of interest. This is just some of the advantages of operating a PR Boutique Firm.

Speaking Engagement Coaching and Media Training will prepare you for media interaction to ensure your key messages are conveyed to the public by staying focused on your 5 main points and 15 sub-points.

When you like to travel for either personal or business related matters, your Publicist will reach out to the media outlets in the travel cities and states. This always seems to be a more feasible alternative than setting up tours outside of your traveling adventures.

On-site Reporters will provide media coverage when you’re participating at an event. Media is secured by conducting a media outreach within the local and surrounding areas where the location of the occasion is being held.

We’re not the type of a boutique firm to hound and bug media professionals. We stand by our Media Touch Point System to ensure that we stay on their good side:) We start and maintain our own connections with the media and intend to have long-lasting good collaborative relationships. Nevertheless, we have worked on the other side, so we know exactly what meets their guidelines and how to hold their interest. Some media outlets that we have used in the past reach out to us for newsworthy stories because they know the quality of our work meets their publication expectations.


Media Coverage Requests and Event Coordination Services


If you’re in need of local or national media coverage for your project or event, please contact us to request media coverage or event coordination services.  We would appreciate your request to be sent way in advance. Otherwise, for short notice requests, we may not be able to make any commitments. Thank you!

Many events fail due to the lack of exposure and minimal period of event promotions. However, effective publicity is long lasting with print, broadcasting and internet media relations. Positive media coverage is necessary for building awareness for your brand. Moreover, the lack of publicity can substantially affect the success of your events. CCE specializes in creating an Event Publicity Campaign that will bring your event a massive buzz that won’t stop buzzing.


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