Celestial Caring Enterprises is a virtual based Public Relations Boutique. The firm specializes in providing innovative comprehensive communication services for several industries, such as Entertainment, Film, Music, Small Business, Sports, Product Services, and Non-Profit Organizations. We thrive on creating brand awareness; visibility, exposure; and tapping into various opportunities for area market expansion.

Previously CCE worked with other target markets and audiences in Entertainment, Film, Small Business, Sports, and Non-Profit Organizations, therefore you will see a bit of a mixture outside of the Book Publishing field. A lot of the past content has been removed because CCE is currently revamping our website. Please bare with us as we continue to add past and current content.  Thank you!


We’re dedicated to helping our clients worldwide by exposing their God-given talents. We assist them in reaching a huge following audience and creating massive opportunities. We thrive on delivering one’s messages on high professional standards.

“It’s time for you to create your legacy today……let your greatness light up globally!” ~ Tishawn Marie

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