Rachael Tamayo, Published Author – Several wonderful praises about our work that I would like to share:

Book Announcement Press Release – “Doing a second book announcement makes sense. Thanks for all your hard work. I’m eager to see how it all comes out and what people will be saying after reading it.” 

Thanks.  I appreciate all that you’re doing very much.  I honestly am clueless since this is my first book venture. I’m loving having a Publicist.”

“My clicks on my book jumped from 73-96 after your release.  It’s 9:34pm here.  I just checked it. Wow. That’s just clicks on Amazon, not sales, but good!”

After we sent her the PR Reports for all of the campaigns we launched.

“Looks amazing thank you very much. I’ll be sure to mention your company in the acknowledgements for Claim Me when I send them in!” 

Tweets from @rtamayo2004

@Book_Publicity, I was half asleep when I read it, and I was still impressed. Fantastic job!

“Thanks to @Book_Publicity for all the awesome work building up to my Book Launch this Friday.  I’d be lost without you.”  #RomanceAuthors

In the mail, we received Rachael Tamayo’s book in hardcopy with her autograph.

Melissa Miller, Owner of Solstice Publishing , Pre- Launch Press Release – “Looks Good!”

Tia Hines, Published Author
“God is working and you don’t understand how appreciative I am to have you as my publicist. Thank you soooo much!”

Letter of Recommendation from Anaiah Press, Christian Digital-First Publishing House

Edna Pittman

In regards to the NBC Affiliate Channel 4 KFOR feature news coverage and placement.
“I am so happy it has worked out this way. They will get awesome footage with his therapists working with him! Now that I know they are going to use this as a sweeps special I’ve even more excited. It will be able to take a deeper look into his story! This is all definitely a blessing. I am happy with the approach she is going to take with the story. Demarion has been one of two children to survive this type of accident in almost 40 years. People need to know just how much my child’s life has changed. It has impacted our entire family. My other children have had their lives changed also and they have had to sacrifice so much too. Thanks again for all of your help. You have been a true blessing.”

Appreciate CCE expanding the brand of SCE. Appreciate the completion of the new website thank you!” — G.M.:A&Rof SCE

Young Vet, CEO of WEDAFAM Magazine
“Thank you Tishawn Marie I’m truly happy that your a part of the team, Your work ethic is incredible! We working”

Edna Pittman
“The news release is awesome. All of the information is correct. Thanks again for your help!”

Mike Dontfraid
“SO excited about how my Brand Development session went with Coach Tishawn. We’re on the same exact page and things are going beautifully!”

A-Star,Co-Host on All City Heat Radio [Shout Out]
“I hope you bring Tishawn Marie to New York. She’s a beautiful woman. I spoke to her and I read the BIO she wrote beautifully articulated and I just want to shout out Independent Women that are behind the Industry and behind the Executives.  I just really think that having a strong team is very important and I know that she is a big part of you and I’m just very impressed by her presence and I just want to shout her out.” 

Jefftiano Ranaldo, Co-Owner
“GREAT article by our Publicist @TishawnMarie about our company.

Rodney Dawson
“ All I can say is your ideas and work ethic is impeccable. 

Leonard Marshall, NFL Legend, The Game Plan Foundation
“Hi Ladies, What a fantastic job coordinating and writing this press release. This is the type of message and leadership that I’ve been trying to get produced to assist our non-profit for the last 4-5 years. You ladies it really made this event a special event. I’m happy and honored to be able to work with women whom get my plan as well as the efforts of the game plan. It takes a special group of philanthropist to help families of retired / former NFL players in Dire Need of assistance. I sincerely approve this message! On behalf of myself and our board of directors, thank you!” Leonard A Marshall Jr.

To Tishawn Seaton, nothing happens until someone sells something, and you helped make that happen.
Book Acknowledgement: Picking Butter Beans by Author Steven D. Davis, Birmingham, Alabama

Hi Tishawn, it’s Davina. Thank you for the beautiful article you did with the photos – it’s absolutely wonderful! I put it up on facebook and immediately got 70 likes within 1 day. Clients are asking where we could find you (they’ll pay for interviews like that!) so if you don’t mind me giving them your email address and company name, I’ll tell them to contact you there. xx
– Davina Schuck Reichman, NYC Fashion Runway, Being Born Again Couture, & iClothing

Good Morning Tishawn, I just wanted to say thank you for the opportunity to participate in the 2013 Model Search Extravaganza. I truly appreciate it. Also, if there are any othe gigs that you feel I am suited for, please keep me in mind. It was a pleasure meeting and working with you.
– Shawntá ‘Angel’ Francis, MD

There is only one word to sum up everything CCE has to offer, and that is “superiority.” Tishawn is a hands-on entrepreneur that only dishes out exemplary work and looks out for the best interests of every client. The outstanding work ethic and flexibility of the company shows how prominent yet caring a business can really be. CCE has shown me nothing but courtesy, therefore I have nothing but the utmost respect for them.
-Pee Twyman, MD

My goodness, I am humbled just to be able to have the means at my disposal to be able to contact you. Never have I heard anyone or manager say the things you have stated on Bigjay Musicgroup page last night. Incredible! I learned new ideas and also felt a reassurance of what I felt in this industry all through one valuable paragraph. It amazes me that I am only the 7th person to like that comment. It makes me feel much better about chasing my goals and makes me feel stronger about my faith in God. Just last night I had a conversation with a friend of mine who is having relationship problems. I explained that in order to find stability in his relationship with his wife, he has to establish a relationship with God. So many people seem to gravitate towards me, and thats before learning that I am a musician. Yet I never understood why, until I had a better relationship with God. My belief has carried me further than my mind ever imagined. The more I research things that cater to my interest, the more I seem to grow. Funny, I started going another way with this message but I feel so close to you even though I don’t really know you. I can say that I “know” of you, thanks to your detailed message which brings me back to my original goal for writing this “novel”. I’ve spoke to many individuals who claimed to be “this or that” only to find myself feeling like I was just a statistic. With out meeting you, I already know you like to see people for being themselves. God bless you for giving me new hope for the executives in the music industry. I don’t even want to sound so corny and post my music on here, cause I really just wanted to reply to such a powerful post. Thank you for your input, I feel blessed. Peace

“Tishawn is a very dedicated and determined individual. She takes her time to make sure that her clients are comfortable and that they are well taken care of.”
Tyrone Barlow

Re: DMV Rising Starz PressCase Part ll event
My experience with Tishawn was or should I say very memorable. Even tho I didn’t find myself on the tour I felt I should’ve been on, Tishawn conducts herself as a professional. I would definately work with her again, better circumstances of coarse. She rocks!
Branden Johnson, NJ

Branden Johnson has gone to be with the Lord. He will be forever missed and remembered, but never forgotten. It was an honor to have met him before he passed away. He is in a better place now. RIP.

Re: DMV Rising Starz PressCase Part ll event
Just got home but wanted to say how much I’m proud of u…for everything u do. You put together a packed event with alot of great performances. Continue to stay positive and take the advice of that guy outside. U never give up and keep pushin’ fam…I’ll check back wit ya
VA’s Finest

(review of DMV Rising Starz) I would like to first thank all the Judges and people who made this possible for me.  I had a great experience. I learned alot from the showcase and it put me in the right mindset. I went home and started working hard on the things I need to work on. I’m excited to continue to work with people and I look forward to continuing to working hard and representing the dmv.
Ibrahim Harris, MD

You are amazing. I share this with sooooooo much gratitude that you understand my pain and frustration. You totally understand my discouragement. Thanks again, this has relieved a LOT of the pressure that SOMEONE UNDERSTAND. Oh Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, I have tried to get help from over 10 pastors. Thank you again, Thank you again. After 3 years old this torture, somebody finally understand. You seem to be the only one that understands. Thanks for the acknowledge of the discernment, I do have it and the predator gets angry when I exercise my parental right. May God continue to use you in a healthy natural way to touch peoples lives as you did me and my daughter. Tell all the world my story, so that people will know that pure EVIL does exist. I mean PURE unnecessary EVIL. Tishawn, we have to let people know that this stuff is still happening. Just as you are bearing witness with we, TRUE christian discern with each other. Thank GOD for you TEll Everyone. TRUE christians are Peace makers and keepers. Please advise that my story does not apply to TRUE Christians like yourself, peace keepers, and peace makers. God is using you again, in a HEALTHY WAY.
-Hannah Tea

Very well constructed and delivered Tele-conference yesterday. I can see why they pay you the big bucks! 🙂
Anthony W. Hawkes,

Tishawn, and celestialcaringenterprises, with her professional and encouraging spirit not only helped me in my time of need with difficult decisions in my life but also increased my confidence level to break new heights with my personal business development. Her top notch training and Christ based background of self confidence and motivation was unmatched by several other competitors in the field. I would recommend her expertise in the area to anyone who might benefit from her teachings. A++++!!!!
Lionel–Operational Weather Forecaster, US Air Force

Dear Mrs.Seaton,
This is Tercy, the young lady who had came by your office on Thursday, January 08, 2009 and was speaking to you about your job. I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate you taking the time out of your busy work load to answer my questions. Your responses to my questions were very informative and encouraging. I am thankful that I came by to your office today because I received a very rewarding opportunity that many students usually don’t get: the chance to: meet someone in her dream work field. Well, I better stop writing now because I can go on and on. Thank You
again Mrs. Seaton


“Having worked along side Master Certified Coach Tishawn for almost a year now, I know first hand how well trained, educated and experienced she is. Not only does she have a great business mind, she also has a great understanding of success and the steps people need to take for its attainment. And I have yet to mention her heart. Tishawn’s honesty and good values are one of the main reasons I value her input and will continue to work with her for years to come. And I don’t make that statement lightly- or often.”
— Coach Mackenzie Pearce
Director, The Coaching Academy of North America Inc.

First off, you did A++ with your follow up research. Now, with your new information provided, our research department was able to develop more leads and provide useful information.
Sonny G., Investigator

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