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We live in a digital world now, therefore, Social Media Marketing is a major ingredient in any industry. We choose to not stick only to Traditional methods, but incorporate Social Media Marketing to give you worldwide visibility. It’s very important to develop your Social Media Networks so you will be able to consistently engage with your target audience by employing direct informal communication.

Developing and managing all of your social media accounts for establishing yourself as a high profile leader in your industry will keep your audience informed of your expertise. Creating and distributing Social Media Press Releases will reach maximum online public and media visibility using an interactive approach.

Setting up your personal and business profiles initially in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest is the best route to go. After getting those sites completed and integrated with your website, create your blog, furthermore, establish profiles in related niche sites or networks where your target audience hangs out.

Gathering all of the details from developing your Brand and Image will allow you to craft key messages and blogging content that will be directed at your target audience and sub-audiences. The message and blog content focus on the needs of your audience, after all, how else would you attract your audience? Getting the attention of your market and building up the interest level is key. Your site copy should stir up emotions within your target audience and increase their desire to need what you’re offering. Most importantly include the important part of your message that most forget to do… state the call for action. You should never assume that your target audience knows what to do next after reading your posting. Your content should direct them to act. Why else would you be sending out messages?

Ensuring that the content created is optimized will improve your Search Engine results. Before launching your Social Media presence, plan ahead by developing an Editorial Calendar for your Blog Topics, Messages, Updates and Upcoming Events. Effective Social Media Marketing is scheduled in advance and driven through all of your networks in a timely fashion. Utilize the Tracking Systems to pull detailed Reports to measure the effectiveness of your Social Media Outreach.

When it is time to engage with your target market, we begin our Social Media System that includes Project Logs to keep track of the postings.  We will proofread, edit, and post your blog articles.  We also stay on top of all the blogs to respond to comments in a timely fashion.

Service Fees

Social Media Marketing Comprehensive Campaign Includes:  

This is a 3-Month Campaign working with your Social Media Publicist. Fee: $ 2, 250

Social Media Seed Planting

  • Social Media PR Drive: We draft a Press Release and will post on all of our 13+ Social Media Sites, Blogs, & PR sites. We will also post on your behalf of all of your Social Media sites.
  • Social Media Article Drive:  We draft a Article about you/product/brand and will post on all of our 13+ Social Media sites, Blogs, and  PR sites.

Five Main Social Networking Sites

  1. Facebook:  Create & Manage Fan Page, Develop Strategic Plan & Implement, Develop Calendar Posting Plan, Create Events, Run Contests, Send out Invites from Clients Personal Page, Accept Friend Requests, Respond to Inbox Messages, Comment Interaction, Post on Behalf of Client, Make Comments/Likes on Friend Pages
  2. Twitter:  Influencers List Building, Start Discussions, Reply/Retweet, Sharing, Post Media, Develop Hashtags
  3. Linkedin:  Strategy Building, Q&A Interaction, Create/Manage/Participate in Group Postings/Commenting
  4. Instagram:  Create Instagram Page, Post Media, Reply to Comments, and Create Content
  5. Google+:  Create Google Plus Page, Post Media, Create Content

3/Mo SM Comprehensive Campaign Payment Arrangements
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