A’ La Carte Services

A’ La Carte Services is for those who only need specific projects completed on a as needed basis.

This is also referred to a PAY-G (Pay-As-You-Go) option oppose to services under a monthly retainer.

You will receive a Per Project Agreement for review and signature before services are rendered.

You may not have a budget to obtain a full-time or part-time Publicist, therefore we have an affordable option so we can help anyone who may need assistance from a Public Relations Boutique Firm.

If you need assistance with a project that is not listed below to discuss how we may assist you or if you have any questions, please contact us.

Press Releases and BIOs will receive 2 Revisions at no additional cost.

Copywriting projects are sent in Word Format & PDF Format

All information needed to draft Press Releases and BIOs will be sent to you.  Please provide info in detail.

You own your content.  We respect your copyrights.  We do not plagiarize your material.

Our form will need to be filled out so the Publicist can have the necessary information to contact you.

Please email your writing material to info@celestialcaringent.com.

Draft a Professional Press Release                            Draft a Professional BIO



Proofreading includes giving input & feedback.  A page is 250 words/$25 in 15 min increments.

Proofreading is 15 min/per page & 15 min/critique.

We will need to know how many pages are needed for us to determine the down deposit for us to help your org.

Please email your writing material to info@celestialcaringent.com.

Proofreading Any Writing Content                           

    for Non-Profit Organizations                                       

Proofreading Any Writing Content

    for Others

Proofreading for Non-Profit Org

Proofreading for Others